What We Fund

Giving makes it possible

Our donors’ generous gifts allow us to support specific projects involving equipment or training and are separate from The MED’s operating funds. Examples of gifts at work include:

Lachré Brown received a MED Foundation sponsored scholarship to further her education.

  • Funding for cutting-edge Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS), which allows staff to upload, store, access and consult on test results with the click of a mouse. This life-saving tool can send a trauma patient’s CT scan to multiple personnel throughout the hospital for quick and accurate diagnosis.
  • Purchase of a Leica microscope, which allows surgeons to see the tiniest of veins when reattaching blood vessels. This microscope has greatly improved outcomes for burn victims. For some, it’s made the difference between walking again and life in a wheelchair.
  • Acquisition and installation of an MRI-compatible neonatal ventilator, which allows staff to perform MRIs on our smallest patients who are on ventilators.
  • Ongoing training and professional development for front-line employees.
  • The MED Foundation provides scholarships for employees, their dependents, and other specialty areas.

Purchase of new dermatomes which are used to obtain skin from the burn patient to be used for skin grafts. Dermatomes are used to obtain a very thin layer of skin from burn patients who have very little skin left that is suitable to take a skin graft from. Purchase a Pediatric Heartlab System, which allow The MED will be able to perform the more than 575 exams on our smallest patients here at The MED.