Will health insurance increase or decrease under Trump?

President Trump has expressed that through the 2020 presidential campaign, health care will stay the dominant issue. Some of the political experts have the opinion that this comes across vulnerability for his bid for reelection.

Trump Justice Department has expressed the viewpoint that Affordable Care Act should be made unconstitutional in entirety. It implies that the private market where 15 million Americans buy their coverage will come to a halt. Similarly, Medicaid that covers 15 million more Americans will cease to expand. People who are presently accessing protection for pre-existing conditions will no longer get it.

If the entire law is eliminated, the numbers of Americans who have healthcare protection will deduct by 20 million.

Healthcare used to be the top issue for voters in 2018 midterm elections, and it stood over guns, immigration and economy. Democrats found overwhelming support from voters who had healthcare as their primary issue, and control of the house shifted in Democrats’ favor. 

Poll based research goes to show that Americans disapprove of how Donald Trump has handled healthcare during his term. For the re-election campaign, Trump’s healthcare record is even more pathetic.

During his term, Trump administration has taken away healthcare protection from millions of Americans. Their court move further exemplifies that they are sticking to their reputation.

For the reelection campaign, President Trump’s healthcare record is his most relevant liability. He has been routinely found misrepresenting his position.

Trump has frequently been found in contradiction to his claims on healthcare, which he made when he took office. He said that he wants insurance for everyone and promised not to cut Medicaid. He specified that we wants to safeguard protection for preexisting conditions, just as the Democrats.

Medicaid cuts are Trump’s biggest broken promise. He has also opposed Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion. This reduces enrollment beyond 10 million people and cuts spending by over $800 million. The overhaul was nevertheless foiled.

In certain states however, first time beneficiaries are required to work in order to receive benefits. Advocates have the opinion that these requirements are in opposition to the purpose of the program. This is because most Medicaid enrolees are children, elderly and people with disabilities, and are not expected to work.

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