August 2019

As one of the most advanced hospitals in Tennesse – we rarely suffer from staff shortages. We are well funded and have a number of wealthy benefactors that ensure that our equipment is up to scratch.

However we must also talk about the fact that not every county and area in America is as well funded as we are. Nor is every area able to cope with the demand.

The crime rate and general statistics of our district means that our hospital is rarely at capacity – everybody that comes gets the care they need. We are far from perfect of course – and there is always room for improvement – however in general we are quite satisfied with our progress. At the same time – we don’t have to deal with half the challenges that other hospitals do.

We never have to improvise due to lack of equipment or particular drugs that we need access to – hospitals in crime high areas like Detroit however struggle with not only a lack of funding – but a large influx of patients.

And we are not talking about just general patients with minor ailments or tumors – patients that can be treated quickly and sent home – we are talking about patients that come in with gunshot wounds and other serious bodily harm.

The big problem is coverage. As people know that have studied the health system – America is one of the few countries that does not cover every single one of its residents. If you go to a place like Europe – you’ll find that every single person – while not being rich – can at the very least be sure that they can be taken care of should something bad health wise arise.

Countries like Australia are known for their health coverage – and we are grateful that they are. It is more of a challenge in a country where there are 300 million people – however not only do we have a large population but we also have a large GDP and a big tax base – it is quite possible to ensure people are covered – and start at the very least with basic coverage.

No one should have to worry if they break an arm or have serious bodily harm – that they shouldn’t be able to get patched up and treate din a hospital. There are other ailments that we have to decide what is important nd what’s not.

For example let’s say someone has their stomach pumped every week due to alcohol poisoning – this may cost the tax payer $500,000 every year for one patient. And this is due to the patient’s choices and lifestyle. We must separate lifestyle diseases from genetic diseases.

Unfortunately once you start coming down this area it is difficult to figure out without creating some kind of “death panel” like what was referred by conservating commentators about Obama. We need to have a system that works – doesn’t discriminate against any one particular person – and which reacts and adjusts to the location.

Simply put – budgets are not unlimited – and we need a way to ensure that everyone gets the help they need. If we are going to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone we must at that moment put them and invest that money into preventing situations like that happening again.

In the end if we don’t help those in our community – they will come back to bit us in the bum in other ways – and ensure a tax burden.

Donald Trump must work to make the health care system affordable for all.

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